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Sound Medicine Circle in Oslo 2018

August 16th, 17TH, 18TH &19TH

FROM 18:00 TO 20:00 

Sat Narayan Kundalini Yoga Oslo,                             

Frysjaveien 33 c, 0884 Oslo, Norway

^ Inducing Trance -

Thursday, August 16th

The elders would say: “There is no path, higher or lower, it is the path which opens the doors for you”.
Inducing trance is an ancient practice which can be found throughout the world in tribal and shamanic cultures, even before the creation of religion. It is used for many purposes such as
healing, guidance and inspiration.

This workshop has the objective of introducing light/ medium trance states, learning the indigenous ways to connect with the directions, our guides and to bring things from the unconscious to the surface by entering an altered state of mind through the mediums of
drum, rocking motion and guided journeys.

^^ Ancestor Memories -

Friday, August 17th

A 2 hour session dedicated to connect us with our moon body, and work through layers of memory for healing and revealing. We will be doing traditional exercises, sounds and ritual from shamanic cultures of the eastern Himalayas and understand the essence of shamanic intention

^^^Nada Yoga -

Saturday, August 18th

Nada yoga is yoga of sound and vibration, We will learn the basics of Dhrupad Singing, one of the oldest forms of singing still preserved by some teachers in India. We will also try to get in touch with our natural singing voice from the chest and the belly and also learn Indian Syallables used for singing. 

^^ Traditional Mantra Chanting - Sunday, August 19th

Across the world, especially in the Asian subcontinent, mantras have been used to appease and offer sacrifices to the gods, to charge the elements within our body, mind and spirit.
They are usually chanted in Sanskrit which comes from the word Prakrit meaning nature.
Participants learn the science and practices associated with mantras as followed in India. In this session, we will go through the history of mantra and Indian mythology and its evolution
from vedic times. We will learn chanting the seed sounds of planetary and vedic mantras with the proper intonation, rhythm and intention. We will be doing continuous repetition as a
group to experience the plenitude of sensory and spatial vibrations that different mantras activate.

One workshop Kr 300;
All 4 workshops Kr 1000

Tickets at

For more info mail to

-All workshops are 2 hours and start at 18:00
-Please bring a notepad and pen for all the workshops 


Sound Healing Concert with Musica Medicina (IND)

Sunday, September 2nd 2018

at 8 PM

Emanuel Vigeland Museum Oslo

About the concert: 
A Meditative tribal experience bringing together sounds from various traditions and cultures such as Mongolian Throat singing, Inuit singing from Alaska, Chinese Erhu, Afghani Rabab, Tibetan bowls, Sufi trance chants and much more.

Price: 300kr

Please bring something to lie down on (a yoga mat will do) and something to keep you warm (blanket recommended)

Intuitive Singing & Learning Singing Bowl

August 23rd, 24th, 25th & 26th 

FROM 18:00 TO 20:00

Sat Narayan Kundalini Yoga Oslo,

Frysjaveien 33 c, 0884 Oslo, Norway

^ Intuitive singing:

Thursday, August 23rd

No words, no lyrics, no boundaries! Welcome to the mystical realm of music! Let’s get together to sing as one voice and through it, connect as one spirit. By coming together as pure sound, we can raise consciousness at an individual and collective level.

Singing is the first instrument known to man, being the simplest and easiest way to express any kind of emotion that we feel in the moment. We will create an atmosphere that breaks
the barrier of shyness. Beginning with basic long sustained notes to slowly tune into rhythm, we will subsequently go through a series of exercises, melodiesr and raw sounds to sing creatively.



In a 2 hour workshop learn how to use Tibetan Bowls for self healing and to share this magical resonance with others.

We will learn with the Bowl
How to produce various sounds;
Clearing the space;
Scanning for blockages;
Giving a cleanse;
Recharging the energy body;
Using our intuition;

Bowls will be provided, if you have a bowl please bring it.

^^ THROAT SINGING - Saturday, August 25th

The elders would say: “to undergo a throat operation, inner and outer” for the process of learning throat singing. This is a style of singing that not only modulates the vocal chords,
but also aids to pour out expression in and with respect to day-to-day life. It is one of the oldest practice/ sound form found in cultures across the world including Mongolia, Africa, Alaska, Australia and Tibet.

We will engage in various exercises that will involve hyperventilation, releasing and finding unknown hidden sounds to activate the throat with a bit of coughing and spitting here and
there :)). Most importantly, we will learn how to create a powerhouse of energy and its flow so we may be able to move it and ourselves with it.


^^ Reconnection with self -

Sunday, August 26th

A class based on sound, breath, sensation and the amalgamation of the three as an instrument towards the path of self-discovery. As soon as we have an experience, our mind is conditioned to understand it, rationalize it, judge it and put it in a box. Our work in this session would be to understand these patterns by observing the nature of the mind so that one can become more open and sensitive towards oneself.

Rigorous, raw and childlike sounds will be used as triggers in combination with soft and heavy breathing as well as holding of the breath. Inspired by techniques from the Sufis of Morocco, Inuit’s of Alaska and nomadic cultures, the workshop will involve exercises created in and for the moment as a group to stimulate a process of de-conditioning and re-connecting.

One workshop Kr 300;
All 4 workshops Kr 1000

Tickets at

For more info mail : visheshjazz@gmail.com

-All workshops are 2 hours and start at 18:00
-Please bring a notepad and pen for all the workshops 


Vishesh Kalimero & Maria Homme

Live Concert

Thursday, August 30th at 6 PM

Sat Narayan Kundalini Yoga Oslo,

The music of Maria Homme and Vishesh Kalimero can be perceived as a ritual journey, an open passage filled with emotions and sounds inspired by nature and the inner landscape. They explore an abstract sound image, another communication way. Intuitively inspired by the world's cultures, languages and what resonates within them. They give space for new forms of expression and can break with the conventional, modern, what’s familiar.

Music Biography by Maria Homme
Maria Homme is a musician and singer from Norway! Her music is inspired by genres as rock, blues, jazz, ethnical sounds and improvisation, where she can explore new sound frequencies and even a new creative language. Homme has a voice control raised over every doubt and her expression ranges and varies from beautiful tones to the grotesque. She invites the audience and listeners to an open landscape where her voice explores a deep primal force, inspired by life and nature! 

In the last 2 years Maria Homme has been fully committed recording music in the studio and soon she is finally ready to release her first debut album! 

Music Biography by Vishesh Kalimero:
Musician from India. He experiments with various ancient and
custom made string instruments from around the world. He plays Yayli Tambur(Turkey), Rabab (Afghanistan), Setar (Persia), Rudra Vina (India) and Erhu(China). Along with strings instruments he also taught himself Mongolian throat singing and mixes it with various ethnic sound. His vision lies in pushing and inspiring all to create and find their sound to discover the magic music can bestow.
He has been travelling around the globe for the last 7 years,
performing in yoga & meditation centers, art places, alternative cafes,
festivals and culture centers.

No Entrance Fee
Donation will be collected after the concert



Sound Medicine and Tai Chi in Lofoten

September 6th – September 9th

, Reine, Lofoten Norway

We will be having 2 separate events

Sound Medicine with Vishesh Kalimero

Tàijí & Qìgōng ( Tai Chi & Chi Gong) with Xiǎolián

Each workshop will last 2 hours
prices at the bottom


With: a Tao nun from Qīxīng Tàijí TàoTemple and Monastery 七星太極殿.

Tàijí (Tai Chi) 太極, was practiced in China for thousands of years and is a slow motion moving meditation for good health, peaceful, centered mind, and connection to one’s deeper nature.

Tàijí is an experiential examination of universal and cosmological dynamics.

"This system is Qìgōng based Tàijí. It’s intensive stance work. Students will learn each single form required to then learn an abridged Essential Form Sequence that they can then practice on their own."

The sequence will be taught step by step over the 4 days, so it's recommended to do all 4 days. 

more info below :).

See you there!


A circle created for the purpose of self enquiry and correlating with one another to unravel the mysteries of mind, body and spirit. In a safe and sacred space, we will be doing voice work, guided journeys, breath exercises, etc. to stimulate and access the intuitive expression via techniques from Indigenous traditions, Naad Yoga as well as contemporary therapies. The circle is intended for those who want to get in touch with their emotional process through creative expression and induce self discovery by contemplating the physical and non physical which will encompass passing of the old and birth of something new..

For 4 days we will learn Naad Yoga (the Yoga of vibration and sound). One of the most ancient traditional practices from India. Where singing is used to open doors of the mind and heart.

Plus we will be doing intuitive singing, trance songs, sound healing, drum journeys and more.

Vishesh Kalimero is a musician and sound therapist from India who has been performing concerts, facilitating workshops in various art houses,culture centres, yoga halls and spiritual schools. His vision lies in creating a sacred space where everyone can connect to the magical powers that sound can bestow.


For Tai Chi and Sound Medicine (both):

4 days - 1500kr
3 days -1200kr
2 days -1000kr
1 day - 600kr

If u want to attend only 1 of the 2 workshops
(Tai chi or Sound Medicine):

4 days - 800kr
3 days - 700kr
2 days - 600 kr
1 day - 400kr



- If you missed the first day or 2, you can come 40 minutes in advance to receive a 30 minute orientation on some of the basics you missed. (Students who have not missed anything can also join).

- Bring clean, light, comfortable shoes, and please come at least 10 minutes before the beginning of class.



Concerts are improvised using organic sounds and instruments collected during our travels. String instruments create the background to our voices .

We are inspired by singing cultures of Inuit trance, Mongolian throat singing, Amazonian lullabies, Sufi chanting and Traditional Indian.


Sound Healing Journey

We take you on a semi guided meditation and  then allow the sounds and vibrations to do their work over us and through us.

Participants lay down in a relaxed state, to receive the full experience of sound, massage and energy healing. Through the use of Tibetan singing bowls, organic instruments and sounds, we travel into a deep and open space, where sensory experiences allow the mind to explore new realms.



Our workshops are inspired by our backgrounds. We use sound, psychology, body movement and energy work to reconnect our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. 


Corporate Meditation

Sound Meditation can be a way to improve productivity in the workplace, de-stress, and achieve clarity of mind.

The positive physiological effects of sound therapy are backed by scientific proof. Sound has a far greater impact on our everyday lives than we can even imagine. High frequency sound can measurably affect brainwave activity and boost the immune system.


Book Your Experience

Musica Medicina is always open to new participants. If you or your organization would like to learn more about our experiences and workshops, please contact us. We are available for your time and place, all over the globe.