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Upcoming Concerts & Workshops



December 15th 2018 from 8 PM - 10 PM

Jingle Jungle- Tokyo/Japan

Last Concert in Japan for winter 2018.

We are inviting different musicians to play with us and jam.

Samadhi Meditationsstudio 


Intuitive singing-healing through voice 

Saturday, October 14 at 2 PM - 5 PM

Traditional Mantra Chanting & live concert

Friday, October 13 at 2 PM - 5 PM

Intuitive singing:

No words, no lyrics, no boundaries! Welcome to the mystical realm of music! Let’s get together to sing as one voice and through it, connect as one spirit. By coming together as pure sound that we can raise consciousness at an individual and collective level.

We will also do a bit of throat singing where we engage in various exercises that will involve hyperventilation, releasing and finding unknown hidden sounds to activate the throat with a bit of coughing and spitting here and there. ;) Most importantly, we will learn how to create a powerhouse of energy and its flow so we may be able to move it and ourselves with it. 

Concert and Mantra Chanting:

Welcome to a Traditional Mantra Chanting followed by a live concert with Musica Medicina from India and Lebanon

When: 13th & 14th of october
Where: Samadhi meditationstudio, Rosenbergsgatan 32a, 25444 Helsingborg,
Investment: 200 kr per event

Pls book with info@samadhistudio or 0733-144918. Booking is binding. 

Warmly welcome to an amazing evening with us! 

Vishesh, Leila and Deva



Uncoiling I 

September 15th to 17th

Tromsø - Norway

A circle created for the purpose of self enquiry and correlating with one another to unravel the mysteries of mind, body and spirit.

DISCOVER THE PRIMAL SELF - Friday sept. 15th, 6 - 9 pm

INTUITIVE SINGING - Saturday September 16th, 15 - 18 p.m

SOUND AND ENERGY HEALING CEREMONY - Sunday September 17th. NB TIME: 15 - 18 p.m.

kr 500 for 1 kveld
Kr 450 pr kveld, når du er m på 2 kvelder/ kr 900 totalt
Kr 400 pr kveld når du deltar på alle 3./kr 1200 totalt. 




Concerts are improvised using organic sounds and instruments collected during our travels. String instruments create the background to our voices .

We are inspired by singing cultures of Inuit trance, Mongolian throat singing, Amazonian lullabies, Sufi chanting and Traditional Indian.


Sound Healing Journey

We take you on a semi guided meditation and  then allow the sounds and vibrations to do their work over us and through us.

Participants lay down in a relaxed state, to receive the full experience of sound, massage and energy healing. Through the use of Tibetan singing bowls, organic instruments and sounds, we travel into a deep and open space, where sensory experiences allow the mind to explore new realms.



Our workshops are inspired by our backgrounds. We use sound, psychology, body movement and energy work to reconnect our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. 


Corporate Meditation

Sound Meditation can be a way to improve productivity in the workplace, de-stress, and achieve clarity of mind.

The positive physiological effects of sound therapy are backed by scientific proof. Sound has a far greater impact on our everyday lives than we can even imagine. High frequency sound can measurably affect brainwave activity and boost the immune system.


Book Your Experience

Musica Medicina is always open to new participants. If you or your organization would like to learn more about our experiences and workshops, please contact us. We are available for your time and place, all over the globe.